HR & Organizational Development Services

To grow your business, you must have people with proven talent who are productive independent workers, and who can perform as a part of the team. Your ability to productively manage your high performing employees, create rising stars, and engage the remainder of your team are critical components to reaching your goals.

HR Strategies go beyond recruitment or retention. Growing, being more efficient, and achieving your vision are all about fostering best practices in business.

HR Strategy & Advisory Services

I provide a variety of action oriented strategic planning processes that will establish a unified future vision, long-term goals and objectives, and create a living plan to guide your company from dilemma to strategy. I can help you:

•  Gather data through corporate interviews or questionnaires
• Conduct external environment scans through market and competitive research
• Conduct a candid off-site meeting to determine where you are and where you want to go
• Conduct a brief 1 day or 4 hour planning session for staffing purposes
• Facilitate operational planning sessions to develop action plans that will promote strategy implementation

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